My name is Jennifer. I was born and raised in Western Canada by American parents. Growing up, I was very much influenced by both cultures, learning to love baseball and ding dongs yet learning more about The Hudson’s Bay Company  than The War of Independence. In 1994, I headed off to France to study French for one year … but never went home ! Two husbands and five children later, here I am, living in the South of France, near the Spanish border on the road to Andorra. 8 years ago, my husband and I decided  to leave the city and move our expanding family to the country. We now have five children, four dogs, seven cats and a pretty big vegetable garden. My days are taken up by a variety of activites, from daily family stuff, to managing our small town library, teaching cooking classes and writing.

I haven’t had the opportunity to communicate in English very much in the last years and this blog will hopefully enable me to relearn modern English. I can’t believe how often I have to search for words before I speak! So, bear with me. And hopefully you’ll find something helpful or enlightening in my ramblings.

Why Sunshine in France? A couple of reasons. First, it is pretty much sunny every day where we live. The other day, we were driving across the Eastern part of Southern France and it was raining non-stop. We went South at Narbonne, around Perpignan and then East up into our area called the Conflent … and the sky opened. Only sunny around our area. Let me tell you, it is EASY to get used to sun most days. The other reason is that sunshine also means happiness to me. Even if it rains, I hope to have sunshine in my head, happiness always. That is one of my life’s goals.