I mentioned getting hens about two years ago and the children have been bugging me to actually do it since then. We finally decided to actually get a coop, make a run and buy the chickens this spring. My husband wanted to build a coop from scratch but the reality is that we have other, more time consuming projects pending and if we didn’t buy pre-fab, we weren’t going to have chickens.

The hens are my first chore of the day. I start talking to them from outside the run and they call back, ready to get out and on with their day. I once read in the book Raising chickens for Dummies that watching chickens go about their business was actually very much fun and I admit, I have not been disappointed. They seem to be busy all of the time and if they are still, it is because they have dug themselves in to a hole and are resting (which is entertaining in itself). I sit on the bench every day, when I need a break, and just watch them. They peck, they scratch, they munch and wander around. This is the head chicken. She makes the law.


When I sit on the bench, she hops up to see what I’m up to. The other day, I was cleaning out their night part of the coop from the back door and she went around the front, climbed the ladder and hopped in to the sleeping area right in front of me to see what I was doing. She is so funny!

I think the rear ends of chickens are very cute. The feathers are fine and fluffy. This is the prettiest of all of our hens. She is quite big and her coloring is light and even.


I gave them some left over cooked rice and they thought that was great! I have found that they don’t actually eat everything. They are a bit picky. But they LOVE worms. They will try and snatch them from each other.


The chickens don’t even mind if I bug them while they are laying. They just look up at me, probably thinking, “Yes? Would you like something??” I just peak, I swear.


The hens lay every morning, quite early. I’ve read pretty much all over the place that hens take about 25 hours to make an egg and so they will lay later and later until they finally skip a day. These hens went from laying at about 10h30 to about 9 and haven’t missed a day in over a month. They are super layer hens. One of them has been laying a bit later than the others, hence only three eggs in the picture.

DSC_0034They aren’t fancy hens, but they are still pretty darn cute.

Image 2