I usually make macarons that are rich flavors like chocolate, vanilla or praline, so I thought I’d change and make something fruity. I really hate adding coloring to make dark colored macarons and actually, I don’t even like the ones bought in bakeries. What’s the difference? I don’t know! But when you learn to make them yourself, well, it’s better. Maybe it is psycological. My daughter is such a fan of them that it pushed me to learn to make them myself, because at over 2€ for ONE, it is much more economical to make a whole platter for just a few euros.

These ones are lemon, using just a smidgen of color gel and filled with lemon curd with a bit of almond meal added. If you like lemon tart or lemon meringue pie, these are for you!


This time I used Mercotte’s recipe: HERE

The lemon curd is from Pierre Hermé but really any one would do as long as it is very thick. Just use your favorite. Adding a little almond powder gives it a little originality!